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Development Committee Meeting - Minutes


Trustee Guethle called the meeting to order at 8:30 a.m.

Committee Members in attendance: Trustee Mark Guethle, Trustee Mark Gaffino
Absent: Trustee Laura Curtis
Staff in attendance: Pete Iosue, Acting Community Development Director; David Summer, Interim Village Administrator, Cindy Torraco, Executive Assistant

Motion made by Trustee Gaffino and seconded by Trustee Guethle to approve the June 20, 2012 Development Committee Minutes. All in Favor – Motion Approved


Application for a Sign Variance – Fairview Dental
Pete Iosue provided an overview of a variance application submitted by Fairview Dental. He stated they were looking to get a variance to add a color LED sign to their existing sign and noted they first came to the Village asking for more options, but have compromised with this variance request. Iosue noted that the Village’s sign ordinance was recently amended in 2008 specifically to not allow for LED signs.

Trustee Gaffino asked if this type of sign is consistent with other towns. Iosue noted he did not know off the top of his head what other towns’ regulations were, however he did state that the Village of North Aurora code is pretty strict regarding LED signs.

Iosue stated that in regard to the variance request, he does not see that there is anything unique that would indicate a hardship and therefore, a variance wouldn’t be warranted and he would discourage approval of the variance. He suggested that if the village board wants to allow these types of LED signs, they may want to look at amending the sign code to allow for it, rather than grant a variance when there is no hardship evident. Trustee Guethle noted that it was his experience that it is easier to grant a variance than to go through the process of amending the code.

Trustee Guethle confirmed the location of Fairview Dental and stated he had no problem with the sign at this location, noting he doesn’t think it would be a distraction. Trustee Gaffino also stated he had no problem with this sign, but noted that if the sign ordinance was amended, then these signs could be put up anywhere. Iosue stated that usually there are more concerns with these types of signs within residential areas, and since this location would not affect any residential area, it would most likely not be a problem.

Trustee Guethle asked about the size of the sign and Iosue said the sign meets all the requirements except for the color LED display.

Iosue reiterated that the biggest concern with regard to approving a variance for this sign is showing evidence of a hardship. He noted the Public Hearing for this request was set for the next Plan Commission meeting on Tuesday, October 2nd.

Trustee Guethle suggested that a certain amount of display time for the sign could be donated and used for community notices or emergency notices.

Trustees Guethle and Gaffino were both in favor of the approving the variance application.


Trustee Gaffino made a motion to adjourn, motion seconded by Trustee Guethle
Meeting adjourned at 8:45 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Cindy Torraco
Exec. Assistant / Deputy Clerk

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