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Crime Mapping

Our crime mapping service posts information about crimes reported to the North Aurora Police Department. Note that, to protect victims' identities, some crimes, such as sex crimes, crimes involving juveniles, and other sensitive crimes are not included in the map below. Even the listed crimes show only the hundred block and street, date, time, and type of crime. There is also a report number for reference. Click on the map and you can get more information and even sign up for crime alerts, which can send you an email if a crime that meets your criteria occurs within a certain radius of your specified address.

Note that the data included in this mapping application is for actual crimes where a case report was completed. It does not include service and non-report calls-that data will be provided below under Police Incident Listing. Crime mapping data includes the crimes from the last six months. Finally, note that there is a delay of up to two business days for processing and uploading before the data is available on the map.

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Police Incident Listing

A list of all police incidents will be posted here weekly, although there may be a lag due to processing. The data, extracted from our records management system, includes the date & time, general location (hundred block only), cross street, type of incident, and incident number.

NAPD Weekly Incidents: